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  • Reminiscence

    When I look back at some of the events in my life, I can’t help but feel how I was helped by divine will. … And how dumb some of my actions were. Naive maybe. Thought of the day: have faith in Allah and accept his determinations. Also, don’t do dumb things.

  • I like my women like how I like my coffee

    Strong enough to cause my heart to palpitate. Addictive. Distinctive, seductive aroma. Hot. That said, I need to start weening myself off coffee. Most likely to substitute with tea. I’m going to miss you, lurve.

  • A Brand New Start

    A new start of empty nothingness. Moved to a VPS – just so I can mess around more Lost all old postings. Not that there were much of anything. Dropped the lalalaa domain. Now everything is on or (not sure if I’ll be keeping the domain. It’s kinda expensive to renew :D) Stuff happened.